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Willis Earl Beal has a very interesting story. He lives at his grandma's house. He wrote all these songs when he was working as a hotel night porter. He was "discovered" by Found Magazine through one of the hand-drawn flyers he distributed, much like ones he posted throughout Chicago that said "Give me a call, I'll sing you a song." All true, and all very much factors in the progression of events leading up to "Acousmatic Sorcery", Beal's much-hyped 11-song debut. Without a doubt, Beal is a weirdo. His songs run a jagged gambit from updated blues to oblivious bedroom raps about being a heartbroken robot. 






Song List

Side A
  • 1. Nepenenoyka
  • 2. Take Me Away
  • 3. Cosmic Queries
  • 4. Evening's Kiss
  • 5. Sambo Joe From The Rainbow
  • 6. Ghost Robot
Side B
  • 1. Swing On Low
  • 2. Monotony
  • 3. Bright Copper'noon
  • 4. Away My Silent Lover
  • 5. Angel Chorus


"This is a minimalist masterpiece."

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