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This album brings together musicians from Africa, Cuba, Brazil, and France to celebrate the rich heritage of African music in jazz and Latin music. His approach takes folkloric elements from Africa and the Americas, combines them with his Afro-Cuban roots, and brings them all forward into a contemporary jazz mix. The album features a host of guest musicians and is produced by Paris-based drummer Steve Argüelles, who also produced Sosa’s 2004 GRAMMY-nominated recording, 'Mulatos'. The recording is dedicated to the late Cuban percussion masters, Pancho Quinto and Angá Diaz.



Song List

  • 1. Prologo
  • 2. Ollú
  • 3. Nene La Kanou
  • 4. Yeye Moro
  • 5. Babalada
  • 6. Light in the Sky
  • 7. D'Son
  • 8. Tres Negros
  • 9. Mon Yalala
  • 10. Tumborum
  • 11. Why Angá?


"Sosa tells a powerful story about the growth from roots to branches and the fluid connection that eternally exists between them."
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