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Scott Hendy and Gee Ealey of Bristol is back with the third insaltment of the "Ugly" trilogy. Here, the duo embark upon a chaotic journey. Beyond Ugly can fit between acoustic folk and hip-hop and ’60s psychedelia and dance-funk within the same breath. It’s eclectic, eccentric and frenetic.



Song List

  • 1. Sweet Flower
  • 2. Don’t Try This At Home
  • 3. Dragons Ball
  • 4. Holes
  • 5. Here It Comes
  • 6. I Deserve To No
  • 7. White Nuthin’ Sky
  • 8. The Love
  • 9. Army
  • 10. Dark Before The Dawn
  • 11. End
  • 12. Down To Earth


"Malachai are deeply entertaining and Beyond Ugly shows that one more dip into the well was indeed a good move for the band."
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