BIRD CALLS / Rudresh Mahanthappa

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A contemporary view on one of the primal fathers of modern jazz: Charlie "Bird" Parker. In an intelliegnt and complex way Mahanthappa uses influences of Parker's creative work in order to create a foundation for his own compositions and improvisations. "This album is not a tribute to Charlie Parker. It is a blissful devotion to a man who made so much possible." Rudresh Mahanthappa


Song List

  • 1. Bird Calls #1
  • 2. On The DL
  • 3. Bird Calls #2
  • 4. Chillin'
  • 5. Bird Calls #3
  • 6. Talin Is Thinking
  • 7. Both Hands
  • 8. Bird Calls #4
  • 9. Gopuram
  • 10. Maybe Later
  • 11. Bird Calls #5
  • 12. Sure Why Not?
  • 13. Man, Thanks For Coming


"There's virtually nothing that could make this record any better than it already is."
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