BRASILIDADE / Bossacucanova

Crammed (2001)

Jazz / Latin / World


About Album

Bossacucanova have teamed up with original bossa nova guitar hero, Roberto Menescal to create a lovely album of jazzy, electronic bossa grooves. Tastefully combining their programming skills with Menescal's sensuous, laidback guitar playing and performances by a host of musicians (including horn, strings & percussion players), Bossacucanova rejuvenates the essence of bossa nova with "Brasilidade," making it fresh and exciting to yet another generation of listeners worldwide.


Song List

  • 1. Telefone
  • 2. Nanã
  • 3. Rio
  • 4. Guanabara
  • 5. Ãgua de Beber
  • 6. Garota de Ipanema
  • 7. A Morte de um Deus de Sal
  • 8. Brasilidade
  • 9. Surfboard
  • 10. Nós e o Mar
  • 11. Mais Perto do Mar
  • 12. Bye Bye, Brasil


"Bossacucanova has changed the face of Brazilian music for the better, and forever."
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