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Omar Sosa’s first big-band collaboration with composer-arranger-cellist Jaques Morelenbaum, Hamburg’s 18–piece NDR Bigband and the Omar Sosa Quartet. Recorded in two sessions (2007 and 2008) at NDR’s Hamburg studios, under the direction of Morelenbaum and Sosa, Ceremony features Morelenbaum’s brilliant arrangements of selections from Omar’s Spirit Of The Roots (1999), Bembón (2000), and Afreecanos (2009) CDs—together with two new Sosa offerings, “Llegada Con Elegba” (the introductory track) and “Salida Con Elegba” (the closing piece). 


Song List

  • 1. Llegada con Elegba
  • 2. Changó en Esmeraldas
  • 3. Danzón de Tus Ojos
  • 4. Yemaya en Agua Larga
  • 5. Luz en el Cielo
  • 6. Cha con Marimba
  • 7. Mi Tradición
  • 8. Carambabá
  • 9. Monkurú
  • 10. Salida con Elegba


"Still extending his music into new sonic and geographic territories."
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