DÉJÀ VU / George Duke

Heads Up (2010)

Jazz / Funk

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About Album

Déjà Vu is a glance back, but with a very contemporary sensibility - a piece of work that comes together very much in the present, but also conjures up a persistent feeling of something great that came before. "I've always considered myself a multi-stylistic artist," says Duke. "I try to take people on a musical journey, whether it's on an album or in a show. I think the style of music that you choose to play is really irrelevant, as long as you're honest about what you're trying to present."




Song List

  • 1. A Melody
  • 2. You Touch My Brain
  • 3. What Goes Around Comes Around
  • 4. Bring Me Joy
  • 5. Ripple In Time (For Miles)
  • 6. Oh Really?
  • 7. 6 O' Clock Revisited
  • 8. Come To Me Now
  • 9. Stupid Is As Stupid Does
  • 10. Deja Vu


"A splendid, high energy and completely satisfying record."
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