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For 30 years the Kef Time Band ('kef' means party) traveled across the USA annually to entertain huge crowds of Armenians at their famous all-night dances. The legendary Detroit sessions capture the improvisational finesse and fierce musical charge that kept fans coming year after year. Fusing Middle Eastern melody and rhythm with a Big Band sound, the original Kef Time Band defined dance music for two generations of Armenian-Americans.


Song List

  • 1. Allı Da Yemenin
  • 2. Hele Hele
  • 3. Çapkın Çapkın
  • 4. Görünce O Dilberi
  • 5. Ghosh Bilezik
  • 6. Deveci
  • 7. Sheg Mazerov
  • 8. Oğlan Oğlan
  • 9. Zeybek
  • 10. Armenian Folk Dance Medley
  • 11. Oud Taksim
  • 12. Drumsalero
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