II / [em]

ACT (2005)

Jazz / Piano Jazz

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About Album

In the year leading up to the recording of [em] II the trio have played more dates than in any other periodduring the group¡¦s four year history. This has meant that the delicate blend of personal musical chemistries built up on the bandstand is now shaping a specific group identity. Knowing each other musically and being intuitively able both to participate in and anticipate musical developments make this an ensemble that sounds more than the sum of its component parts - the ambition of any group in music.

The compositions on [em] IIare shorter, crisper and to the point. Of the fifteen tracks on [em] II, the one that best sums up the sound of the trio for me is "Dance & Grow": The powerful duality between the written and the improvised is typical of the challenges these young musicians set themselves, and the aplomb with which they carry it off verges on the breathtaking.

Song List

  • 1. Bruder
  • 2. Phlegma Phighter
  • 3. Funèbre
  • 4. Irradians
  • 5. Another Mr. Lizard
  • 6. Moving
  • 7. Takashi
  • 8. Schwester
  • 9. So Will Die Sonn' Nun Untergehen
  • 10. Walpurgisnacht
  • 11. Brizzle
  • 12. Rica
  • 13. Dance & Grow
  • 14. Schneefall
  • 15. Gorilla Biscuits


"The pianist and his Berlin-based band nodded to hip hop and drum'n'bass while fizzing with the energy of experimental rock: this is the future sound of jazz."


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