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"In Deep" is a record of great originality and integrity. Its the command and authority of Lockhearts saxophone that first strikes home on "In Deep" - magisterial, confident with maybe just hints of those two great tenor titans - Michael Brecker and Joe Henderson. Then the sheer quality of the writing hits you these are tunes once heard not forgotten. And then the power, confidence and commitment of his group grabs you by the coat and you know theyve got you. "In Deep" may be the finest realisation yet of Mark Lockhearts talents. Given his undoubted pedigree that is high praise indeed. Rarely in jazz do music and performance combine to such flawless effect.



Song List

  • 1. Stairway
  • 2. Surfacing
  • 3. Golden People
  • 4. Long Way Gone
  • 5. Undercovers
  • 6. Believe It or Not
  • 7. Not in My Name
  • 8. Falling
  • 9. Sand into Gold
  • 10. Snakeout
  • 11. Nutter
  • 12. Sunday Soon


"Saxophonist Lockheart (Loose Tubes, Polar Bear) has been an excellent player in an over crowded sector for ages."

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