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İstanbul Calling Vol.3

About Album

Oguz Kaplangi released the third of his Istanbul Calling albums via Elec-Trip Records. The album is available on iTunes and other digital download stores. Elec-Trip Records has teamed up with Rainbow45 Records and released the album as a vinyl.

There are a total of thirteen songs, a mixture of instrumental, Turkish, English and Ladino tracks, in Istanbul Calling Vol.3. Eleven of those are by Oguz Kaplangi, one by Derin Sariyer titled “Yazilamayanlar Aklimda” and one by Dolunay Obruk titled “Istanbul Kafasi”. The latter two were arranged by Kaplangi.

“Little Bit of Istanbul” feature the vocals of Toussaint Liberator, whose solo album “Black Gold” received a favorable review in the Wall Street Journal back in 2010. Ozgur Ercan (aka Ozzie Baba) is the lyricist of this track.

“Dervish” features Eyyup Hamiş with his ney and “Can” features Ertan Tekin with his duduk, who give this instrumental tracks a poignant, even mournful quality.

“Her Daim” from Istanbul Calling Vol. 2 has been rearranged for the new volume. Hüseyin Bitmez’s ethnic melodies and Oguz Kaplangi’s lyrics get a dub makeover.

The award winning album cover was designed by Kamer Altinova from ÜBER, as in previous volumes.

Song List

Side A
  • 1. Can - Oğuz Kaplangı
  • 2. Yazılamayanlar Aklımda - Derin Sarıyer
  • 3. Canım Sıkkın - Oğuz Kaplangı
  • 4. Günaydın - Ters Takla
  • 5. Little Bit Of İstanbul - Oğuz Kaplangı
Side B
  • 1. Her Daim - Oğuz Kaplangı
  • 2. Silueta - Oğuz Kaplangı
  • 3. Dervish - Oğuz Kaplangı
  • 4. İstanbul Kafası (Remastered) - Dolunay Obruk
  • 5. Bu da Geçer - Oğuz Kaplangı
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