LEGACY / Neva Özgen


About Album

With the release of "Legacy", kemence player Neva Ozgen's debut solo album, Golden Horn Records makes history with the first solo instrumental recording by a female artist in the Turkish classical music world. Legacy includes Neva Ozgen on the kemence accompanied by her father, Ihsan Ozgen, on the tanbur and rebab. 


Song List

  • 1. Huzzam Pesrev
  • 2. Hicaz Ayin
  • 3. Pencgah Pesrev
  • 4. Beraber Taksim
  • 5. Evcara Pesrev
  • 6. Sevk-u Tarab Ayin
  • 7. Ferahfeza Beraber Taksim
  • 8. Ussak Saz Semai
  • 9. Ussak Nefes
  • 10. Saba Nefes
  • 11. Beyati Araban Pesrev
  • 12. Mahur Taksim On Tanbur, Mahur Pesrev
  • 13. Acemkurdi Pesrev


"Legacy is a celebration of both the traditions of the past and the possibilities of the future."

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