ACT (2009)


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About Album

Just like on this CD; the music of the twelve tracks unfolds itself to be both exotic and beautiful. In the first piece, for example, different key tones approach each other from sparse motifs – it sounds as if there is a ticking clock over which time strides leisurely through different moods. In other pieces, nervous sounds whirr over hard harpsichord tones, soft rhythms pulsate under clanging chords, swirling tremolos diffuse under thunderous bass and cyclical motifs race manically along whilst heavy strokes on the piano and jazzy phrases drive the piece forward, captivating the ear whilst the continually changing melodies get caught up in each other in a enchanting rhythmic maelstrom. In contrast, there are mild piano chords which sound so ostensibly ‘normal’ that they have something almost exotic about them in-between the other pieces. 

Song List

  • 1. Stundenglas - 04:52 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 2. Kabinett II - 05:15 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 3. Chur - 04:21 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 4. Kabinett III - 03:44 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 5. Mesmer - 03:56 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 6. Kabinett IV - 04:16 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 7. Palimpsest - 03:25 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 8. Kabinett VI - 05:58 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 9. Sagée - 06:03 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 10. Kabinett V - 03:32 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 11. Amethyst - 02:55 (Wollny, Michael)
  • 12. Kabinett I - 03:15 (Wollny, Michael)



A voyage to the inner worlds of the music that the listener, guided on in amazement, can explore from one association to the next.

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