MOXXY / Troyka

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About Album

A sensational second album, and one that will send shockwaves throughout the European Jazz scene. "Moxxy" is dynamic, bold and demands your attention from start to finish with a maturity attached usually only evident in fourth or fifth albums. Fuelled by textural guitar loops, angular riffs and displaced drum grooves, TROYKA have distilled their unique genre bending live act into a compelling listening experience. 



Song List

  • 1. Rarebit
  • 2. Dropsy
  • 3. Crawler
  • 4. Oedipus
  • 5. Rest
  • 6. Islands
  • 7. Zebra
  • 8. Chaplin


"It's full of fascinating melodic changes and is a very big soundscape for just three musicians to create."
The Guardian

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