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About Album

A classic album originally released in 1974, holding hits of Bob Marley, who is still immensely popular 20 years after his passing. 



Song List

Side A
  • 1. Lively Up Yourself
  • 2. No Woman No Cry
  • 3. Them Belly Full
  • 4. Rebel Music
Side B
  • 1. So Jah S'eh
  • 2. Natty Dread
  • 3. Bend Down Low
  • 4. Talkin' Blues
  • 5. Revolution


"If Natty Dread, released in November of 1974, is generally considered the most important of Marley’s recordings, then the opening track “Lively Up Yourself” must logically be considered among his finest individual performances." 
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