NEW YORK REFLECTIONS / Enrico Pieranunzi

CAM Jazz (2012)


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About Album

The title of Enrico Pieranunzi's latest album, "Live at Birdland", opens the collective mind to times past and to those great musicians who wrote jazz history within the walls of this famous New York club. On this particular occasion (Recorded live at Birdland on 30 October 2008), he was also accompanied by two giants of jazz: bassist Steve Swallow, and the greatest among drummers Paul Motian, who has been performing the music of our Roman pianist for over twenty years. The first five minutes of this unique record is all you need to know for certain that the chemistry between these three musicians definitely worked, and that magic was made on this CAM Jazz LP. 



Song List

Side A
  • 1. PS1
  • 2. This Is New
  • 3. Blue Waltz
  • 4. Sofy Night Song
Side B
  • 1. Suspension Points
  • 2. Reflections
  • 3. End Of Diversions
  • 4. Intro/Outro


"Pieranunzi is not universally known in the States, and this ought to change."
Jazz Times

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