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A fascinating combination of personalities and styles, this 1996 release from Franco-Italian accordion virtuoso Richard Galliano achieves a wholly original musical synthesis. Bracketed by an opening track from tango ace Astor Piazzolla and a concluding piece from Jaco Pastorius, the session finds the common ground in such seemingly disparate choices. With nine Galliano originals in between, the result is a cohesive, uncompromising set of performances and an essential work in the leader's discography. The players with Galliano are a combination of Europeans and Americans equally at home in jazz and European folk music. Bireli Lagrene is a key contributor. Czech bassist George Mraz and drum legend Al Foster are also present in the recording.

Song List

  • 1. Vuelvo Al Sur
  • 2. Soleil
  • 3. New York Tango
  • 4. Ten Years Ago
  • 5. Fou Rire
  • 6. Sertao
  • 7. A l'encre rouge
  • 8. Blue Day
  • 9. Perle
  • 10. To Django
  • 11. Three Views of a Secret


"A little accordion can go a long way."
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