PANAMA 500 / Danilo Perez


About Album

His latest release "Panama 500" is Pérez’ most ambitious project to date, the furthest evolution yet of what the pianist/composer calls “three-dimensional music.” His blend of influences makes him the ideal musical chronicler of his country’s history: already a land bridge between the Americas with a vibrant indigenous culture, Panama also began to absorb European culture into its own following Balboa’s arrival. Pérez similarly weaves together jazz and Pan-American folkloric traditions with influences from European classical music.



Song List

  • 1. Rediscovery of the South Sea
  • 2. Panama 500
  • 3. Reflections on the South Sea
  • 4. Abia Yala (America)
  • 5. Gratitude
  • 6. The Canal Suite: Land of Hope
  • 7. The Canal Suite: Premonition in Rhythm
  • 8. The Canal Suite: Melting Pot (Chocolito)
  • 9. The Expedition
  • 10. Narration 2: Reflections on the South Sea
  • 11. Panama Viejo
  • 12. Celebration of Our Land


"An ambitious work that showcases all of Pérez's immense technical skills, jazz knowledge, and deep, abiding love of his Latin American roots."
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