ROAD AND MOON / Danielle Eva


About Album

Vocalist and song-writer Danielle Eva fuses jazz pop, modern folk and echoes of appalachian roots music to serenade in shades of americana soul with a compelling sincerity. Danielle is an intimate storyteller with a voice one can drink in all night, and this is her debut album.   


Song List

  • 1. I Sing In Blue
  • 2. Both Sides Now
  • 3. Softly As In a Morning Sunrise/ Little Sunflower
  • 4. Detour Ahead
  • 5. Convenient Distraction
  • 6. Blackberry Winter
  • 7. Where is Love
  • 8. And When I Die
  • 9. Kiss
  • 10. Begin Again
  • 11. He's Gone Away/Willow Weep For Me


Across eleven tracks, Road And Moon presents pictures of love, longing, sadness, joy and the world-at-large, delivered with class by Eva's gorgeous voice.
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