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With ROOM, Cline returns to Mack Avenue, creating a world of melodic beauty but also hard sonic edges and technical brilliance in the company of Julian Lage. At just 26, Lage has taken the world of jazz guitar by storm. The New York Times hails the “disarming spirit of generosity” in Lage’s music and notes the young guitarist’s “roots tangled up in jazz, folk, classical and country music.”



Song List

  • 1. Abstract 12
  • 2. Racy
  • 3. The Scent of Light
  • 4. Whispers from Eve
  • 5. Blues
  • 6. too
  • 7. Odd End
  • 8. Freesia / The Bond
  • 9. Freesia/The Bond
  • 10. Waxman
  • 11. Calder


"These tunes have some truly beautiful moments, and tracks like the closing "Calder" are dedicated almost entirely to drawing out the remarkably beautiful moments that can come from the guitar duo setting."
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