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Percussionist Sammy Figueroa's passion for Latin jazz has never diminished, session work and tours with international headliners have dominated his career. Now the American-born Figueroa makes a welcome return to his roots alongside vibrant Brazilian vocalist Glaucia Nasser. This isn’t your grandfather’s Latin jazz. All 10 of the tracks are fresh and new.



Song List

  • 1. Cuando Eu Canto
  • 2. Encontro
  • 3. E Quando Quero
  • 4. Talisman
  • 5. Ilú-ayé
  • 6. Mandela
  • 7. Abrigo
  • 8. Um Olhar de Flor
  • 9. Boca de Siri
  • 10. Passos


"A master of the use of his big and gentle hands, the percussionist does take Duke Ellington’s suggestion to heart."
Latin Jazz

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