THE LONG WAITING / Kenny Wheeler

CAM Jazz (2012)


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About Album

Like few musicians in the history of music, Kenny Wheeler has been able to make his music a trademark. An approach to his instrument, the trumpet, that has marked artistic events for generations of musicians. A sound that transfixes today as it did yesterday and touches whoever comes into contact with this artist. But Kenny Wheeler is more than that. Music at its purest, an instrumentalist but also as a composer and arranger. Here, he is accompanied by an orchestra that boasts in its ranks great soloists, capable of completely satisfying the compositional ideas of their conductor. And there is also a bit of Italy in the "The Long Waiting": the talented singer Diana Torto-- a musician who, for years, Wheeler chooses not to go without.




Song List

  • 1. Canter N. 6
  • 2. Four, Five, Six
  • 3. The Long Waiting
  • 4. Seven, Eight, Nine
  • 5. Enowena
  • 6. Comba N. 3
  • 7. Canter N. 1/Old Ballad
  • 8. Upwards


 "One of jazz's most important composers of the past six decades."
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