TROUBLE EVERY DAY / Tindersticks

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This is the soundtrack by Tindersticks for Claire Dennis film "Trouble Every Day". This is the second time the band is teaming up with the director. The film has caused dozens to walk out of the Cannes Film Festival in disgust for its graphic depictions of sex, violence, and cannibalism. Tindersticks add plenty of weight to Ms. Denis' film with a score that is alternately elegant, lush, dark, and subtly moving.



Song List

  • 1. Opening Titles
  • 2. Dream
  • 3. Houses
  • 4. Maid Theme 1
  • 5. Room 321
  • 6. Computer
  • 7. Notre Dame
  • 8. Killing Theme
  • 9. Taxi to Coré
  • 10. Coré on Stairs/Love Theme
  • 11. Maid Theme (End)
  • 12. Closing Titles
  • 13. Killing Theme [Alternative Version]
  • 14. Trouble Every Day


"Haunting soundtrack."
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