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"Vagarosa" is the second album of Brazilian singer/songwriter Céu. Spacious, dub-influenced arrangements featuring spooky keyboards, edgy guitar, and jazzy horns are all laid out in the sun for Céu to breathe airily her bossa nova-style vocals over. This is a breathtakingly confident, effortlessly modern album that honours many different styles of music (reggae, rock, trip-hop, Afrobeat and more) but still comes out sounding like Céu. Unquestionable one of the world albums of the year. (Independent) 


Song List

  • 1. Sobre O Amor E O Seu Trabalho Silencioso
  • 2. Cangote
  • 3. Comadi
  • 4. Bubuia
  • 5. Nascente
  • 6. Grains De Beauté
  • 7. Vira Lata
  • 8. Papa
  • 9. Ponteiro
  • 10. Cordão Da Insônia
  • 11. Rosa Menina Rosa
  • 12. Sonâmbulo
  • 13. Espaçonave


"And like the best of Brazilian popular musicians, she's a musical omnivore who takes in the world, adds a bit of Brazilian playfulness and makes it all her own."
Roots World


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