About Album

Tete Alhinho conquered the world with her voice in 2004 with her album “Voz”. It was voted one of the best albums of the year by Songlines magazine.


Song List

  • 1. Scutam Ess Morna (Listen To This Morna)
  • 2. Funk Palina
  • 3. Princesa (Princess)
  • 4. Mar E Morada Di Sodade (Sea, Home Of Nostalgia)
  • 5. C'lamor (To Claim Love)
  • 6. Rabilona
  • 7. Tema (Theme)
  • 8. Dia Qui'm Vira Mudjer (The Day I Became A Woman)
  • 9. Terra Verde (Green Land)
  • 10. Conversa Adiada (Delayed Conversation)
  • 11. Voz (Voice)
  • 12. De-Cor-A-Som (From Color To Sound / From The Heart) (Bonus Track)
  • 13. Chica Dinha Maninha (Bonus Track)
  • 14. Dia C'tchuva Bem (The Day It Will Rain) (Bonus Track)


"Teté´s stunning voice makes it hard not to fall in love with this album."

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