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"Vs." is Pearl Jam's second studio album, originally released in 1993. "Vs." features a rawer and more aggressive sound compared with the band's previous release. Music on Vinyl now rereleases this classic album on 180 grams audiophile vinyl, completely remastered and with an insert.



Song List

Side A
  • 1. Go
  • 2. Animal
  • 3. Daughter
  • 4. Glorified G
  • 5. Dissident
  • 6. W.M.A.
Side B
  • 1. Blood
  • 2. Rearviewmirror
  • 3. Rats
  • 4. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In a Small Town
  • 5. Leash
  • 6. Indifference


"Few American bands have arrived more clearly talented than this one did with Ten; and Vs. tops even that debut."
Rolling Stone

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