WARTBURG / Michael Wollny

ACT (2018)

Jazz / Piano Jazz

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About Album

On 5 - 7 September, 2017, Siggi Loch invited Michael Wollny, bassist Christan Weber and drummer Eric Schaefer to Oslo to record a new trio album. An album was planned to combine this studio session with the extracts from a live show Wollny’s piano trio would play in Wartburg a week later. Then it was decided by Loch that two CD’s would be released simultaneously, each with beautifully different materials. On the trio’s live performance at Wartburg, where they were joined by Emile Parisien and his soprano saxophone, you will be mindblown by the perfect energy that is released on stage.

Song List

  • 1. atavus ( Eric Schaefer)
  • 2. big louise ( Scott Walker)
  • 3. perpetuum mobile ( Eric Schaefer)
  • 4. synonym ( Wolllny, Weber, Schaefer)
  • 5. interludium ( Paul Hindemith, arr. by Wollny, Weber, Schaefer )
  • 6. antonym ( Wolllny, Weber, Schaefer)
  • 7. gravité ( Eric Schaefer)
  • 8. white blues ( Bob Brookmeyer, arr. by Michael Wollny)
  • 9. tektonik ( Eric Schaefer)
  • 10. engel ( Michael Wollny)
  • 11. make a wish ( Michael Wollny)


"I could offer a bunch of reasons to favour one over the other ["Oslo" and "Wartburg"] – but yours won’t be the same. If the budget permits, you should definitely hear both.
London Jazz News 

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