WELTENTRAUM / Michael Wollny

ACT (2014)

Jazz / Piano Jazz

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About Album

Wollny‘s new trio recording Weltentraum is a stunning example of contemporary interpretation in the hands of a unique, fluidly virtuoso artist. Wollny, with both elegance and wit, explores the connection between songs that are worlds apart in terms of both centuries and cultures on Weltentraum. But in the pianist’s hands, the combination of interpretations of ‘God is a DJ’ by the riot girl power pop star Pink and the piece ‘Lasse!’ by Guiliaume de Machaut (the French Medieval composer and poet) gets to feel entirely natural.



Song List

  • 1. Nacht
  • 2. Be Free, a Way
  • 3. Little Person
  • 4. Lasse!
  • 5. Fragment an Sich I
  • 6. In Heaven
  • 7. Rufe in der horchenden Nacht
  • 8. When the Sleeper Wakes
  • 9. Hochrot
  • 10. Mühlrad
  • 11. Engel
  • 12. Un Grand Sommeil Noir
  • 13. Fragment an Sich II
  • 14. God Is a DJ (Live)


"This couldn't be anything other than a Michael Wollny album."

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