YOUNG AND FINE / Sylvain Luc

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About Album

For their third album together, Sylvain Luc, André Ceccarelli and Jean-Marc Jaffet have chosen the idea of associating classic standards together with original compositions. Magic is on each track. From Sylvain Luc’s improvisations to the swinging and amazing bass of Jean-Marc Jaffet or the sensual and boisterous rythms of André Ceccarelli, the listener becomes an amazed and disoriented traveler.

Song List

  • 1. Song For My twins
  • 2. Sylvain Shadows
  • 3. Darn That Dream
  • 4. Sweetest Somebody I Know
  • 5. Message
  • 6. Con Alma
  • 7. Infant Eyes
  • 8. Avenue Des Diables Bleus
  • 9. Young And Fine
  • 10. Renaissance
  • 11. French Brother
  • 12. Imperfect Tune
  • 13. Magnificent Marcel


"With Trio Sud's Young and Fine coming a month after Philip Catherine's remarkable Guitars Two, Dreyfus Jazz has released two the most engaging and impressive guitar sets of 2008."
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