Chris Beier

Chris Beier

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Born in Trier, Germany in 1953, the extraordinary pianist Chris Beier became interested in jazz and blues in his teens. After his graduation from secondary school Beier studied musicology, American studies and sociology. Since the beginning of the 1980’s, he has worked with notable artists and has recorded over 20 albums and composed for radio, TV, and theatre productions as well as symphony orchestras. Along with guest performances with artists like Albert Mangelsdorff, Aladár Pege, Toto Blanke, Joe Nay, Marion Brown, Bill Elgart, Jörg Widmoser (Modern String Quartet), Dick Heckstall-Smith and John Etheridge, Chris Beier has worked with his own groups since 1985 as well. Being an educator as a jazz piano, theory, and composition teacher, Michael Wollny is among his very well-known students. Chris Beier today entirely focusses on composing.


“These are recordings which radiate their magical effects from the very first note.”
Michael Wollny



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