Okan Ersan

Okan Ersan

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Okan Ersan was born in 1972 on the Northern part of Cyprus. Following his BA degree in classical music, he then blended rock and jazz to create the eclectic fusion of the grooves and exclusive sounds he platforms his music on today. Blending different styles, Okan Ersan’s music has evolved to produce this rare fusion of the genres. Okan Ersan has taken on this difficult task of fusing all of these disciplines into a music that makes the listener appreciate the complexities; yet relax in its momentum.

Outstanding musicians like Dave Weckl (mixed ‘The Reborn Journey’) and Legendary Ernie Watts have contributed their talents to this fusion of tunes. Okan Ersan strives to introduce the world to his passionate interpretation of life. He was featured as one of the best 5 guitarists of 2003 in the British magazine “The Guitarist”.

Upon invitation Okan Ersan played at the Kansas City Jazz festival performing with the Grammy awarded Billy Paul. Phenomenally, for 3 years running, Okan Ersan was invited to the acclaimed Leverkusen Jazz (guitar masters) festival where he performed his compositions and arrangements on the same stage with names such as Al Di Meola , Robben Ford, Chick Corea and John Mc.Laughlin performing with Istanbul Superband.




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