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Four European jazz stars for the very first time as a quartet: 4 Wheel Drive as an ensemble is like a high-performance four-cylinder engine with all the gears meshing perfectly. And the fuel: jazz. The title of the album reflects the equal role which each of the four musicians has had in setting the direction for the quartet. They take to the road together, both as superb soloists and as team players. In addition to one original composition from each of them, Landgren, Wollny, Danielsson and Haffner also decided that they would focus on four living creative forces from the recent history of music and interpret their tunes, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Sting.

Song List

Side A
  • 1. Polygon ( Michael Wollny)
  • 2. Another Day In Paradise ( Phil Collins)
  • 3. Lady Madonna ( Paul McCartney / John Lennon)
  • 4. Shadows In The Rain ( Sting)
  • 5. Lobito ( Wolfgang Haffner)
  • 6. Maybe I'm Amazed ( Paul Mccartney)
Side B
  • 1. She's Always A Woman ( Billy Joel)
  • 2. Le chat sur toit ( Nils landgren)
  • 3. Just The Way You Are ( Billy Joel)
  • 4. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free ( Sting)
  • 5. That's All ( Phil Collins, Michael Rutherford & Anthony Banks)
  • 6. 4WD ( Lars Danielsson)


" excellent album that not only qualifies as true jazz but also carries abundant mainstream appeal."
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