Frequently Asked Questions


How can I shop from Equinox Music & Entertainment?

In order for you to shop from our page you are required to create an account. You can create your account by using the “Create Account” link on our mainpage.

After you log in to your account, you can add as many products you want to your shopping cart without excessing the standing stock limits by using the “Add to Cart” button on product pages. 

After you add the products you want to buy to your shopping cart, you can check them by going to “Shopping Cart” page and by using the “Order Cart” button you can proceed to the next step to make your order. While making your order, you must primarily enter your invoice and delivery information and by choosing your method of payment you must complete your payment transaction on the safe payment page and confirm your order.

I forgot my Equinox Music & Entertainment account password. How can I log in?

After clicking the “Log In” link on the top right hand side of our page, you can make your new password sent to your e-mail address on the “Forget Password” page on the log in screen.

What happens if the product I order from Equinox Music & Entertainment is not in stocks?

Although we constantly check the products put up on our website for sale, in some cases, the ordered product may not stay in stock. In cases like this, we inform our clients about the situation, propose alternative products or return the payment.

Can I cancel the order I made from your website?

You can cancel your orders before we supply your ordered products and give them to the courier company. When you want to cancel the order you made from, your operation will be realized by us in the case of you specifying the reason of cancellation (Placing a wrong order, change of product or method of payment, etc.) on the order cancellation form on our “Orders” page. Your ordered product should not be sent by courier in order for you to do the cancellation of your order. 

How can I return the products I bought?

If the product you bought is in the original undamaged package and by no means used, you can return it within 7 days after the delivery with your invoive and a note included that contains your reason for return. In order to get detailed information about process of return, please read the necessary terms of Online Sales Agreement.  

The product I bought came out broken from its package. What should I do?

When you fill in the Product Fault/Change Declaration Form on our “Orders” page and send it to us for the change or return of your broken new product, the change or return operation of your product will be made. Please do not deliver products without using the Product Fault/Change Declaration Form on “Orders” page for product return and product change.

It is necessary for you to send these types of products directly to Equinox Music & Entertainment in their original package, with all their accessories, “as you bought them”.

The courier costs for products in this category are covered by Equinox Music & Entertainment. Please read the necessary terms of Online Sales Agreement for detailed information about Fault/Change procedure.

Does the products sold on Equinox Music & Entertainment have warranty?

The products bought from Equinox Music & Entertainment website are under the warranty of the importer and producer firms. Since every product has different warranty periods and terms, operating manual and warranty deed of the product bought must be read by the buyer before usage.

Why is it necessary to enter Turkish Citizenship ID number?

As it is issued on 29/08/2006 dated and 26274 numbered Official Gazette, it is an obligation to write Turkish Citizenship ID number on the invoices made out dating from 1/1/2007.

What are the options for payment and how is the payment done?

There are 2 options on our website which are “Payment by Credit Card” and “Payment by Bank Transfer”.

Payment by Credit Card: In Credit Card payments, after you choose the bank your card belongs to from the list of banks on the payment page and you enter the 16 digit card number on the front face of your card, the expiry date as the month and year and the 3 digit security number at the back of your card, it is necessary for you to specify your transaction choice as cash or installment.

Payment by Bank Transfer: In the orders you operate by Money Order/Electronic Funds Transfer, the list of our bank account numbers are listed on our payment page and you can realize the payment by transferring to the bank account you prefer. The account details will be listed when you click this option.

After you choose the appropriate payment option we mention above, you come to the payment confirmation page by clicking the “Confirm” button. At this stage, no money is drawn from your credit card. For that matter, you have the chance to review all the information about the shopping you did, make changes or cancel the shopping. You can go back to make changes, or reclick on the “Confirm” button to finalize your shopping. 

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