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Why is safe?

The customer information is protected from third party knowledge and intervention on Therefore, during the ordering process one moves inside the 128 Bit SSL safe zone. This is a coding system which is not possible to break practically. 128 Bit SSL is an international standard. There are two things you need to consider during the ordering process.

It is a key or a lock symbol at the very bottom line of your browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer it is a yellow lock symbol. The http:// in the beginning of the address line of the page you are on changes to https:// and this implies that you are on the safe zone. The information about your order is protected by being encoded. This information is only used depending on the buying process and the instructions you give. It is neither shown nor assigned to the third party.  

Credit Card Safety always uses the latest technology devices and the best service providers for the payments you do by credit card for your safety.

On your browser, below every page you enter personal data there is a key. This key is the sign that none of the information you send through your browser can be seen by third party. does not save or keep your personal information, card number or password. That's why every time you make an order on our page you enter your card data again.

Please click the GlobalSign logo at the right bottom corner of the page in order to get detailed information about our security agreement.

EV SSL Security Certificate shopping page has the EV SSL certificate, which is the highest standard of the SSL security certificates. Like all companies that want to have this certificate, too has gone through a very strict security procedure.

Test your security! If you are using a browser that is Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, your address bar together with the company information looks green like below. The address bar looks different on other browsers' up-to-date versions.

3D Secure

3D Secure is an identity validation system developed by card companies in order to provide secure online shopping. It is also known as verification of the card by password during online shopping. The name of the application for Visa Credit Card is "Verified by Visa" and for MasterCard it is "SecureCode".

In order for the shopping done with this method to be considered valid, card owner has to approve this activity with a special password given to him/her.

For the purchases you make from, you can do the payment with 3D Secure if the bank your card is linked to supports this system.

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