Warranty and Return Policy


The products bought from Equinox Music & Entertainment website are under the guarantee of the importer and producer firms. Since every product has different warranty periods and terms, operating manual and warranty deed of the product bought must be read by the buyer before usage. The seller is responsible of the delivery of the contract product/service as secure, complete, suitable to the quality specified in the order and with warranty deeds and operating manuals if they exist.

If the contract product/service is going to be delivered to a person/institute other than the buyer, the seller cannot be held responsible for that person/institution to refuse to accept the delivery. The seller returns the product/service costs and valuable papers if they exist within 10 (ten) days after the withdrawal declaration reaches them. They take the product/service back within 20 (twenty) days. Before the discharge period ends, the buyer, with rightful reasons, can provide the buyer with equal quality and price product/service. 

If the seller is thinking discharge of the product/service is becoming impossible, they declare this to the buyer before discharge period ends. Paid cost and documents, if they exist, are returned within 10 (ten) days. Damaged or broken products/services sold with or without the warranty deed may be sent to the seller for the necessary repair to be done within the warranty terms. In this case the delivery costs are to be met by the seller. 

The buyer may use the right of withdrawal of the contract product/service within 7 (seven) days after the delivery to themselves or to the address they have shown. In order for the right of withdrawal to be used, it must be declared to the seller’s customer services within the same period of time by e-mail or telephone and the product/service must not have been used within the 15. contractual clause. The seller firm will declare the buyer where and how the product will be returned after the buyer gets in touch with them.

After the claim for return is approved, the buyer will place the unopened and unbroken product in the original package and will return it through the contractual courier company of the seller firm or hand-delivery.

After the return approval is taken, the charge will be returned to the credit card of the buyer or to the bank account the buyer will specify, if the shopping is done through money order or electronic funds transfer, in 3 days the latest after the product reaches the seller firm with its invoice and in its complete original package.

Costs of the transportation of the product to the seller firm will be covered by the customer. The products/services nonreturnable due to characteristics are perishable and expired products/services, single use only products/services, hygienic products/services, all kinds of softwares and programs duplicable.

Additionally, in order to use withdrawal right for all kinds of softwares and programs, various media (DVD, CD, etc.), computer and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, etc.) and cosmetic products the package of the product/service must be unopened, unbroken and unused. 

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