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About Album

”About” features sensationally beautiful original songs. No matter which song you select, an instant feeling of pleasure unfolds as music and lyrics harmonize in the most beautiful way. The entire album is so much of a whole that, by the end of it, the listener will be surprised how fast time has flown.



Song List

  • 1. The Breakdown
  • 2. About
  • 3. When I'm Grown
  • 4. The Quiet Place
  • 5. Don't Go Away
  • 6. For a Friend
  • 7. Easier Said Than Done
  • 8. Little Lullaby
  • 9. All I Ask
  • 10. Bitter Farewell
  • 11. The Bump


"The group delivers an album that's suitable for almost any time of day and any mood."
All About Jazz 

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