BAKIDA / Nguyen Le


About Album

Bakida contains 10 pieces filled with vibrant colors and rich contrasts.  One moment the music is meditative, the next moment the listener is struck by its forceful energy. It contains elements of jazz, rock, funk, and classical music. Lê and his fellow musicians undertake a trip that runs from the Mediterranean coast to the South China Sea, effecting unexpected encounters with Turkey, Norway, America, Spain, Sardinia, Algeria, and Lê’s Vietnamese homeland along the way. It’s amazing to what extent the guitarist has molded a homogeneous music out of these diverse elements. The music doesn’t sound artificially constructed or arranged, but rather has a natural, inevitable feeling and flow. As Nguyên Lê says, "May all those colors, accents, and spices gather together in one sincere voice, like a central current flowing through the streams of cultures: West and East - middle and extreme, South and North - radiant and magnetic." 

Song List

  • 1. Dding Dek - 05:22 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 2. Madal - 06:51 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 3. Encanto - 05:41 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 4. Bakida - 04:40 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 5. Chinoir - 05:15 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 6. Noche Y Luz - 04:34 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 7. Feel Feliz - 04:58 (Garcia Fons, Renaud)
  • 8. Heaven - 05:20 (Borker, Dominique)
  • 9. Lü - 06:10 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 10. Romanichel - 05:03 (Lê, Nguyên)


"Unlike the CDs "Tales from Viêt-nam" or "Maghreb & Friends", Bakida does not deal with a specific culture. I rather see it as a synthesis of attainments and emotions, an inner motion that bears so many influences and dreams", is what the Vietnamese-French guitarist Nguyên Lê says about his new work, Bakida.

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