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This is a 180 gram deluxe LP VINYL. In addition to maintaining the original artwork and content, includes a bonus CD.

In December 1979, two Art Ensemble of Chicago members, Joseph Jarman and Don Moye along with the great South African bas­sist Johnny Dyani gathered together under the name of Black Paladins. Inspired by the words of the great black poet Henry Dumas, the music traces a deep, dense sound path; from an­cient Africa through the rural American south to the mo­dern urban contrast. After al­most thirty five years, Black Paladins still resounds with grace and power in the histo­ry of Great Black Music.




Song List

Side A
  • 1. Mama Marimba
  • 2. In Memory Of My Seasons
  • 3. Humility In The Light Of The Creator
Side B
  • 1. Black Paladins
  • 2. Ginger Song
  • 3. Ode To Wilbur Ware


"A delicious recording."
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