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Patricia Barber's outstanding 1994 release "Cafe Blue" which has won more than 15 awards from major international music institutions is now fully remixed and remastered.



Song List

Side A
  • 1. What A Shame
  • 2. Mourning Grace
  • 3. A Taste Of Honey
Side B
  • 1. Ode To Billy Joe
  • 2. Too Rich For My Blood
  • 3. Mahna De Carnaval
Side C
  • 1. Inch Worm
  • 2. Wood Is A Pleasant Thing To Think About
  • 3. Nardis
Side D
  • 1. The Thrill Is Gone
  • 2. Romanesque
  • 3. Yellow Car III


"It is a compelling reason to revisit this work with fresh ears."
Jazz Times

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