DISTILLED / Stuart McCallum

Naim (2011)



About Album

"Distilled", McCallum's brilliant third album, is a culmination of the music he has written over the past few years and the idea of ‘distillation' is right at the heart of how the record was written. McCallum ‘sampled' the best bits of his compositions, using them as the basis for further writing. The result is a sublime slice of ambient-jazz-electonica with beautiful melodies and gorgeous soundscapes. 


Song List

  • 1. Dr Doctor
  • 2. Hillcrest Part 1
  • 3. Hillcrest Part 2
  • 4. La Cigale
  • 5. Fokey Dokey
  • 6. Vital Space
  • 7. Lament For Levenshulme
  • 8. Inflight
  • 9. Part 3
  • 10. Distilled


"A vibrant, magical album."
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