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What seldom functions in everyday life is occasionally possible in music "There is no single leader with us. We’re all three on equal ground", guitarist Nguyên Lê commented. He continued, " We have something of a weakness for true democracy". No member of this trio, which was formed in France just two years ago, would presume the attitude "I’m the band"; and when that would be the case, then it would obviously go for all three. Three seemingly unspectacular letters suffice as the signature for this group undertaking: E_L_B. Written out, the initials stand for Erskine_Lê_Benita. And this is certainly everything but unspectacular. Whoever has followed jazz over the last ten to twenty years will give a whistle at these three names.

Song List

  • 1. ZigZag - 05:56 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 2. Autumn Rose - 06:39 (Erskine, Peter)
  • 3. Pong - 04:47 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 4. Country Boy - 04:14 (Benita, Michel)
  • 5. Now Or Never - 03:59 (Erskine, Peter)
  • 6. Sao Sen - 06:14 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 7. Pirates - 03:43 (Benita, Michel)
  • 8. Meanwhile - 06:33 (Erskine, Peter)
  • 9. Bee - 05:36 (Lê, Nguyên)
  • 10. Bass Desires - 05:17 (Erskine, Peter)
  • 11. Free At Last - 05:29 (Benita, Michel)


The three musicians have crossed paths again and again on different projects. "Peter Erskine and I had planned to put together a group for a long time", says Nguyên Lê. The first trio appearance with Michel Benita occurred in 1994, and after a meeting at the MIDEM in 1999, the three decided to continue this formation as a working group.

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