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Featuring the prodigal guitar genius Julian Lage as well as two veterans, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Antonio Sanchez, Guided Tour provides a road map to one of the most dynamic bands on the scene today. On Guided Tour, Burton sought out original material from all the group s members (as he did with Common Ground), illuminating their wide range of cross-cultural musical styles. 



Song List

  • 1. Caminos
  • 2. The Lookout
  • 3. Jane Fonda Called Again
  • 4. Jackalope
  • 5. Once Upon A Summertime
  • 6. Sunday's Uncle
  • 7. Remembering Tano
  • 8. Helena
  • 9. Legacy
  • 10. Monk Fish


"At age 70, Burton's fire for pushing his creative edge as a bandleader, and as a soloist, still burns brightly."
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