HEARTPLAY / Charlie Haden

Naim (2007)


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About Album

Heartplay is a subtle and sublime collaboration. Charlie and Antonio play a combination of compositions by each other, and a beautifully sparkling track called Child's Play by Fred Hersch.
Charlie's bass sounds beautifully deep and rounded, an incredibly satisfying and symbiotic partner with Antonio's guitar. These elegant and eloquent duets are totally atmospheric and an absolute joy to listen to.



Song List

CD - 1
  • 1. Anna
  • 2. If...
  • 3. La Pasionaria
  • 4. Snow
  • 5. Silence
  • 6. Child's Song
  • 7. Nocturne
  • 8. For Turiya


"Intimate, emotive music from an eminently well suited duo. More please..."

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