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Between years 1890-1950, Istanbul harbored a rich cultural environment where music became the crossroads for Turkey's multi-ethnic population to come together. Turks, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and Turkish gypsies merged their cultures to create a style of music which thrived in and around Istanbul for over half a century. With the decline of the Ottoman Empire, many of the classical musicians sought employment in the night clubs of Istanbul. Fortunately, many of the artists who pioneered the post-Ottoman music era were recorded on wax cylinders and 78rpm records. Recording companies such as Regent and the Blumenthol Talking Machine Company recorded many of the leading artists. Sahibinin Sesi (HMV) was already established in Istanbul in 1925 and recorded hundreds of albums featuring the legendary artists of the day, which later appeared on 78rpm discs in Europe and US through RCA Victor, EMI, HMV and Columbia. 

This collection presents this exciting era in Turkish music history through its legendary performers. The recordings are digitalized from the originals, first time without sizzles or scratch. You will hear Şükrü Tunar, Kanuni Artaki Candan, Münir Nurettin Selçuk, Udi Hrant, Deniz Kızı Eftelya, Kemani Haydar Tatlıyay, Suzan Yakar, Küçük Nezihe Hanım, Hanende Ağyazar Efendi and more in this. 

*Text partially taken from Harold G. Hagopian's sleeve notes on the album. 


Song List

  • 1. Hüzzam taksim (Sükrü Tunar)
  • 2. Neva Hicaz Gazel (Mahmut Celalettin)
  • 3. Çikar yüclerden (Münir Nurettin Selçuk/S. Kaynak)
  • 4. Çifte Telli (Udi Hrant)
  • 5. Daktilo (Deniz Kizi/Kanuni Artaki)
  • 6. Raks Bedia (Kemani Haydar Tatliyay)
  • 7. Hicaz taksim (Udi Hrant)
  • 8. Sevda Zinciri (Suzan Yakar)
  • 9. Yüzü Pembe (Mahmut Celalettin/Udi Marko)
  • 10. Suzinak taksim (Sükrü Tunar) Sevda Zinciri (Suzan Yakar)
  • 11. Karsilama (Sükrü Tunar)
  • 12. Neva Ussak Gazel (Mahmut Celalettin)
  • 13. Hüzzam taksim (Udi Hrant)
  • 14. Leyla (Münir Nurettin Selçuk/S. Kaynak)
  • 15. Agladim Aci Çektim (Kuçuk Nezihe Hanim/Sükrü Tunar)
  • 16. Bahriye Çifte Telli (Kemani Nubar)
  • 17. Kürdili Hicazkâr taksim (Udi Hrant)
  • 18. Arap Oyun Havasi (Kemani Haydar Tatliyay)
  • 19. Rast Neva Gazel (Mahmut Celalettin)
  • 20. Ne Bahar Kaldi Ne gül (Perihan Altindag/R. Elkutlu)
  • 21. Kessik Kerem (Hanende Agyazar Efendi)
  • 22. Çifte Telli (Sükrü Tunar)


"...a real blast from the past."

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