JAZZPANA LIVE / Gerardo Núñez, Ulf Wakenius

ACT (2015)

Guitar Jazz / Jazz / World


About Album

Connecting the unexpected: Jazzpaña – Flamenco meets Jazz - a special multicultural statement. After Jazzpaña.(1992) and Jazzpaña.II (2000) now alvailable as live version. And even a third world has been added: Flamenco - Jazz - Kuba. Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonic and at the WDR 3 Jazzfest Dortmund.


Song List

  • 1. Calima
  • 2. Alma De Mujer
  • 3. Para Chick
  • 4. Siboney
  • 5. Blues For Pablo
  • 6. El Vito
  • 7. Calima (Encore)


“Music for people with open ears and open minds. Far removed from a predefined style. Without any fear of mixing genres.” 
Siggi Loch

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