MASTERS OF FOG / Tonbruket

ACT (2019)


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About Album

Consisting of Dan Berglund on bass, Johan Lindström on guitar, Martin Hederos on piano, synthesizers & violin and Andreas Werliin on drums and percussion, Tonbruket’s sixth album "Masters of Fog" marks the group 10th anniversary and it is not just an affirmation of who Tonbruket are, it is also a challenging and new departure. Far from using their tenth anniversary as a pretext for looking back, they have the desire more than ever to explore new terrain here. And whereas on each their previous albums there was a single narrative thread, "Masters of Fog" is much more like a collection of separate short stories which nonetheless have logical links to one another.

Song List

Side A
  • 1. Masters Of Fog
  • 2. AM/FM
  • 3. The Enders
  • 4. Enter The Amazonas
  • 5. Tonabillity
  • 6. Waiting For Damocles Sword
Side B
  • 1. Wheel No. 5
  • 2. The Barn
  • 3. Chain Rule Formula
  • 4. A Tale Of Fall
  • 5. The Pavlova Murders


"Repeated listening has many rewards and can easily persuade the listener to investigate the band's back catalogue."
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