NIGHTFALL / Charlie Haden

Naim (2004)


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About Album

Naim Label has once again achieved the significant coup of recording with one of the world's best known and most respected double bassists in the world, Charlie Haden. Continuing our tradition of pairing this legend of free-jazz double-bass with whoever he wishes to play with, the great British jazz pianist John Taylor was this time top of Charlie's list.




Song List

Side A
  • 1. Chairman Mao
  • 2. Nightfall
  • 3. My Love and I
  • 4. Au Contraire
  • 5. Windfall
Side B
  • 1. Touch Her Soft Lips
  • 2. Song For The Whales
  • 3. Bittersweet
  • 4. Silence


"Nightfall puts two players with different approaches together; the result is both hauntingly beautiful and a lesson in simplicity."
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