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About Album

One Breath is a bold and confident record that begins an exciting new chapter in this uniquely talented artist’s career.
Produced by John Congleton in Blackbox Studios, France and mixed in Dallas, Texas, USA, One Breath was written in a year and recorded over a few intense weeks.
One Breath is a more personal record than its Mercury and Brit nominated predecessor. Reflective and vulnerable, it strikes a balance between optimism and despair, beauty and ugliness. The fiery elements of Anna’s debut remain, but One Breath is more instinctive and urgent, revealing a wider spectrum of textures and emotion. 



Song List

  • 1. Suddenly
  • 2. Eliza
  • 3. Piece By Piece
  • 4. Cry
  • 5. Sing To Me
  • 6. Tristan
  • 7. One Breath
  • 8. Love Of My Life
  • 9. Carry Me Over
  • 10. Bleed Into Me
  • 11. The Bridge


"One Breath is a dynamic statement from a young woman who could very well be the next David Bowie or Nick Cave."
Consequence Of Sound

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