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This is a 180 gram deluxe LP VINYL. In addition to maintaining the original artwork and content, includes a bonus CD.

A truly unique trio in the history of modern jazz, the legendary Paul Motian (drums), along with the magnificent Bill Frisell (guitar) and Joe Lovano (tenor sax), represent the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The trio’s music expands along an angular rhythmic flow, that is open to areas of pure electricity and marked by a lyricism that is both dense and abstract.



Song List

Side A
  • 1. One Time Out
  • 2. If You Could See Me Now
  • 3. For The Love Of Sarah
  • 4. The Storyteller
  • 5. Portrait Of T.
Side B
  • 1. Morpion
  • 2. Monk’s Mood
  • 3. Good Idea
  • 4. Circle Dance


"It is the basic sound of the unique group that makes the album of great interest."
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