SHAPES REMIXES / Wolfgang Haffner

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About Album

Some of the hippest re-mixers have had their say on this remix album. The opener Faithless is presented in two radically different versions. The mega-hip Nuremburg remix-duo The Strike Boys presents the ultimate techno-house club smash-hit that is already being played at numerous venues internationally. Indian DJ-star Guhya also picked Faithless for his remix. Some of the finest House around!


Song List

Side A
  • 1. Faithless - The Strike Boys Remix - 06:24 (Haffner, Wolfgang)
  • 2. Shapes - Propaganda Mix - 07:10 (Haffner, Wolfgang)
  • 3. Space Calzone - Space is the Place Mix - 05:37 (Haffner, Wolfgang)
Side B
  • 1. Faithless - Guhya After Hour Mix - 06:46 (Haffner, Wolfgang)
  • 2. New Life - New Pleasure Mix - 05:06 (Haffner, Wolfgang)
  • 3. Desire - Bud's Zillah Mix - 04:21 (Haffner, Wolfgang)


"It is organic and real, retaining an essential humanism too often left out when electronica meets jazz.“
Jazz Times

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